Sunday, February 23, 2014

Neolithic Revolution? I Think Not!

 For you fellow nomads out there, you may have seen the comic advertising the Neolithic Way.

 It sounds great, but before abandoning the ways of our fathers I encourage you to take deeper look.
For thousands of years our people have been cared and provided for by our mother earth. She provides us with food, shelter, tools, and freedom for art and worship. Our small families are happy and healthy and our earth is too. Now these neolithic people tell us we should settle down and form complex societies. Do not be fooled by their positive outlook. When we abandon our mother’s care we must take our survival into our own hands. By switching to farming you would choose to work 40 or more hours a week compared to our normal 12-19, just to have enough to eat! (Diamond) On top of doing more work it is more likely that you would be doing the same work every day. Specialization means that you could end up making the same sort of pots every day for the rest of your life.
Switching to agriculture means the loss of freedom. Population growth will trap these farmers in their ways. ( Fagan 306) This means loss of freedom to explore the land, eat a variety of foods, and do what you want with your time.

Other freedoms are also lost when an elite people arise. Class and gender inequalities cause disputes and lead to oppression. (Diamond) 
Keep your freedom! Don’t betray your earth mother! Stick with the hunter gatherer way!

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